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A mixed reality experience, which uses state of the art full body tracking and sensory immersion technology to transport players into a fully immersive and entertaining Virtual worlds, engaging the audience in a physical and emotional roller coaster of a journey along with our mascot, a prankster dragon called “Hyper”, who is the overseer of Hyper Infinite’s multiverse. So, join us and become the pioneers of exploring Hyper’s infinite worlds and the stories they have to offer!


Studio Highlights

Hyped about gaming? Looking for something new? Well, you’re in the right place. Explore Hyper’s infinite worlds with your family or friends in an engaging one of a kind journey led by Hyper. Where together you can Interact and Influence the events that you have been put into; by our prankster friend in the worlds beyond our physical realm of possibilities.

Hyper Reality Games


Launch Offer ₹650+GST  (Normal Price ₹819+GST)

Welcome to the cove of pirates where lawlessness runs rampant. You’re a part of a rival pirate crew and the task in hand is to plunder the current pirate Captain Whitebeard for all he has; so that your banner reigns supreme over the lawless island and all its wealth.


Get immersed into our state of the art, unique story telling medium where we use a blend of new technologies with traditional arcade tropes to take the players through a fun filled and engaging experience.

Fusion Arena Games


Launch Offer ₹650+GST  (Normal Price ₹819+GST)

A secret invasion of our planet is being planned by an alien force. Clear all the hurdles to decipher their plans and defeat them.


Hyper Arcade (Gaming Arcade)

 Bus Stop, No 29, 2nd Floor, Main Road, next to Malleshpalaya, Vignan Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560037

Corporate Office

#329, 2nd Floor, Malleshpallya Main Road, Thippasandra, 

Bangalore, India - 560075

+91 9490424941

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